Quick Chiropractic Fix Preserved My Vacation Time for Fun Instead of Using It to Convalesce

The whole reason I hurried my submission for my vacation through is that I hurt my back cleaning out the gutters. The ladder took a little jolt, and I tensed up as tight as I could thinking it was going to fall. It did not, but I sure did a number on my back. I must have really popped something out of place because I could not have went to work the next day if I had too. I am glad it was the weekend and I had done the gutters Friday evening. I called some Cary chiropractors to see who I could get in to see the quickest. I had asked my boss on the weekend if I could take my vacation ASAP. He told me that since it was the slow season I could go ahead and do that without submitting the request through HR.

Well, I got in to see the chiropractor on Monday morning, and I was really hurting. I could barely sit in the chair in the waiting room. I felt like crying out in pain, but I held it in. The doc could tell I was hurting. After an exam I received an adjustment that hit me like a switch was being turned off. The pain went off like a light bulb with the power cut to it. There was just this little afterglow of a tingle of pain, but it was subsiding rapidly. I had put pressure on some nerves, and that was the whole reason my back was hurting. Now I had two weeks of vacation and my back was already better. In the past, I might have been down for three weeks or longer. I followed the advice of my wife to actually get to a chiropractor, and it worked for me.

Well, with not wanting to return to work, we got online and found a cheap flight to our vacation spot. We packed in a hurry and headed on out. I thought we would have to wait until next year to take a real vacation and that I would be convalescing with back pain. Not this time!